Het Wijngoed

In 1996 Jean-Pierre Six sowed the seeds of the Monteberg Wine Estate. Some ground on the southern slope of the Monteberg (the Monte Hill, along the Kemmel Hill), along with six-hundred vines and unbridled enthusiasm forms the basis for this inspiring story on Heuvelland soil. Jean-Pierre soon found a taste for viticulture and devoted himself further to his passion. "A project must ripen like a good wine", says the winegrower, and this is how one's pioneering work becomes a life's work.

Jean-Pierre has since passed on the torch to the next generation. Edward and Katrien, who have been co-writing this authentic family story for many years, are now building on their father's dream with heart and soul.

Today, at the Monteberg Wine Estate, we strive to convey our best craftsmanship in the quality of our wines. Every day we bundle our forces to let you enjoy a rich variety of wines, ranging from white wines to red, sparkling and rosé wines.

At the same time, the Monteberg Estate is keen to fulfil its locally established position in Heuvelland; not only do we control the quality of our wines, but we also think that our unique character as a local craft is an asset.

The love for viticulture not only inspires us, it motivates us on a daily basis, from harvesting the grapes to the bottling process, but the greatest reward of all is sharing that passion with you.

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